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When it comes to studying abroad students have plenty of options to choose from with large number of institutions across the world offering a plethora of courses.

Education Loans

The increase in number of students applying for overseas education loans has been exponential. The increase in expense related to quality overseas education is one

University Admission

Selecting the right university and course for your abroad studies is an important task. With the availability of large number of a leading institutions offering a wide

Visa Process

Arguably the most important aspect of your overseas study preparation is the process of applying for a visa. This is a challenging process and you will need to seek

Post Landing Service

We at GLOBAL STUDY LINK are extremely proud of the fact that we have a lot of aspiring students in settling in their destination country through our post landing


Most of the students who aspire to overseas education rely on study abroad scholarships as they help in making overseas education affordable and help students access