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Selecting the right university and a course for your abroad studies is an important task. With the availability of a large number of leading institutions offering a wide variety of courses across the world, students find it difficult to choose the right university for their needs. On top of this, the selection of the right university has a significant influence on your future life. So ensuring that you choose the right university is important.
Global Study Link is in partnership with leading institutions across the world to offer you the best opportunities in foreign education. We also have a very fantastic team of professional counsellors who help aspiring students in gaining entrance in reputable universities and colleges across the world. We at GLOBAL STUDY LINK, help you choose your education and career path by giving you helpful study abroad application tips and guidance for gaining admission in foreign institutions with ease.
By using GLOBAL STUDY LINK University Admission service you will receive a detailed package of services that advice and assist you in choosing the right university and the right course that suits your needs.

Overseas University Admission Process: 7 Steps to Succeed In Overseas Studies

At GLOBAL STUDY LINK, we will watchfully guide you through following key steps of study abroad university application process to maximise your chance of getting admission in your preferred institution.

Step 1: Profiling

At first, we will conduct a thorough profiling of each student to provide the most effective advice to students on a country, university and course that suit their profile. To carry out the profiling exercise we will delegate a professional admission counsellor who has in-depth knowledge about the academic qualifications, financial status, career goals and work experience of each and every student. With this in-depth knowledge our counsellors will be able to help you choose the right course that suits your career aspirations.

Step 2: Standardised Tests

Standardised tests are used for evaluating and comparing the aptitude of students in a reliable manner. The scores of all standardised tests that you may have taken such as GRE, GMAT, SAT etc. will be reviewed by our Admission Counsellor for providing better help to you in gaining admission to your dream course. They will also help you in figuring out what score you should target in order to get into a specific institution and which scores are reviewed by universities. Admission Counsellor will also help you in booking for standardised tests if you have not already taken the required tests.

Step 3: Selection of Country/University/Course

Selecting the right course is probably the most important decision if you choose to study abroad. Studying abroad is quite expensive and so you need to take right decisions with respect to your aspirations and goals while selecting country/university/course. Based on the analysis of your profile, our Admission Counsellors will shortlist universities that are most suitable for you. You can then make the final decision by discussing your options with your family and friends.

Step 4: Document Editing

For ensuring that your student visa is approved, it is critical that right documents are submitted. Any discrepancies in the documents will result in the rejection of your visa application and lead to delay in visa processing. Delays even sometimes result in admission cancellation. So the professional editorial team at GLOBAL STUDY LINK will carefully review your documents once you have selected the university. Though you will be responsible for drafting and collating the documents, our editors will help you in improving the tone, structure, content and grammar of the documents. This will help in ensuring that the profile presented to the institutions is professional and conveys all the relevant information about the student in the most apt way.

Step 5: Review and Submission of Application

This step entails the final review of your application before it is submitted to the selected universities. This is a very important step and you need to give ample time for properly reviewing your application. The team of experienced application professionals at GLOBAL STUDY LINK will help you to make sure that the details given in your application are accurate and that you are fully satisfied with the application before final submission.

Step 6: Preparation for Interview

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge about the interview questions that are usually asked by different universities. So we provide preparatory interview sessions for you to help you prepare for interviews that may be conducted by your chosen universities. The consultants at GLOBAL STUDY LINK who conduct preparatory interview sessions have good experience with the different interview techniques used by universities and also about the scope and nature of interview questions used by the universities.

Step 7: Visa Counselling

Everybody knows that without relevant visa students will not be able to study in foreign universities. Visa Counselling Service of GLOBAL STUDY LINK is directed at helping you submit proper documents and reduce the chance of rejection or delay in visa processing. You will be assigned to a study abroad Visa Consultant who will help you in acquiring all the relevant documentations that you needs to submit along with the visa application. Our consultants will also help you tackle any interviews that you may face during visa processing at the Embassy or High Commission.
Along with its University Admission Service, GLOBAL STUDY LINK also offers a wide range of Value Added Services. You can make your overseas education experience more worth while by using this value added services which are custom-made to suit your needs and aspirations.
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