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Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation and Tourism Courses in the UK

Do you enjoy travelling? Hospitality and Tourism studies is the perfect match for students who enjoy travelling and are looking to pursue a dynamic career involving human interaction. Studying in the UK which is the hub of Hospitality and Tourism will be an excellent training ground for students interested in excelling in this industry.

Introduction To Studying Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation and Tourism in the UK

Hospitality and Tourism is one of the world’s most popular industries, employing more than 60 million people worldwide. It’s no wonder then that students from across the globe seek to pursue a career in Hospitality and Tourism as there are limitless opportunities to further branch out into different strands in this industry.

Hospitality, Leisure Recreation and Tourism courses are designed to help students develop business strategies for this industry apart from learning how to manage quality food, accommodation, tourism and leisure activities, in order to achieve customer satisfaction. You should opt for a degree in Tourism and Hospitality if you enjoy travelling, customer relations and making sure guests are having a fabulous time. Universities in the UK offer Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism courses that impart knowledge related to the management, marketing and operational know-how necessary to take-up a job role within the travel, leisure, recreation or hospitality sectors.

You can choose from specialisations like Hotel Management, Restaurant Management, Event Management, Tour Management, Luxury Brand Management, and others. A degree in Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism will provide students with the skills required to travel the world, meet and interact with several people from all ethnicity and cultures and explore a range of interesting areas. Professionals in this industry have exciting job opportunities like hotel management, events,tourism and recreation activities for guests amongst a host other roles .

Why choose a course in Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism?

Universities across the UK offer ample course options and opportunities to learn and explore the tourism and leisure industry. These courses have a reputation of offering students with the latest industry knowledge. Some courses require you to hold a  bachelor’s degree in a correlated or a similar subject area or wide industry experience.

The courses are designed to teach you about sustainable tourism and how you can alleviate the downbeat areas of travel in different environments. Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism professionals have the capability to make the world a better place to live in by adding monetary and environmental benefits to less-fortunate locations and help by keeping the tourist hotspot thriving. Apart from monetary benefits professionals pursuing a career in this industry get rewarded with superior growth prospects.

What will you learn on a ‘Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism’ course in the UK ?

What better place to study Tourism and Hospitality than Britain? Tourists from around the world flock here all through the year. Not only will you be studying at a world class University but also get valuable exposure to the industry, which can boost your learning and help you network with industry stalwarts.

Most programs will include modules in World Culture and Customs, Service Experience, Principles of Hospitality Management, Revenue Management, Tourism Design and Planning etc. These courses are designed to help you develop a wide range of industry specific knowledge and soft skills. These could range from customer service skills to cultural awareness, and communication to multitasking, teamwork and time management.

You will also gain immense knowledge for applying sustainable concepts and principles towards the development of tourism and hospitality sectors. The course is designed to teach you business fundamentals including marketing and economics and also further develop vital knowledge in food as well as beverage service, accommodation management, destination marketing, gastronomy and service operation area.

Students get acquainted with other areas such as human resource management, tourism and hospitality marketing, product development, promotional activities, customer retention skills and destination and holiday planning.

Career options after studying Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism in the UK

The course on Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism will make way for a lucrative career strewn with several opportunities that are virtually boundless and help you settle on the appropriate career path with options including travel agent or senior sales and marketing director for restaurants, clubs and casinos and other big venues. Those interested can tread further up the ladder to manage or design a hospitality brand, travel brand or a hotel. The program helps you develop skills in operational management which is a much sought after skill in this industry.

While most jobs in the hospitality industry consist of handling customer queries face-to-face, there are also a number of other functions like marketing, sales and accounting. You could also opt to further your career in the food services industry which has some varied roles ranging from beverage manager, executive chef and so on. Other roles to choose from include cruise ship attendant, front office assistant, events manager, meeting coordinator, pastry chef, front-of-house administrator, gaming merchant, front desk associate, relationship manager, guest services supervisor, hotel receptionist, front desk manager, guest services associate, reservationist and reservations agent.

Job Options

  • Tour manager
  • Tourism officer
  • Tourist information centre manager
  • Travel agency manager
  • Air cabin crew
  • Holiday representative
  • Hotel manager
  • Accommodation manager
  • Catering manager
  • Chef
  • Centre manager
  • Fast food restaurant manager
  •  Hotel manager

Other areas where a course in Hospitality and Tourism could benefit:

  • Conference centre manager
  • Customer service manager
  •  Event manager
  • Tourism/Hotel Marketing executive
  • Tourism/Hotel Sales executive
  • Outdoor activities Co-ordinator


Here are some typical employers in this industry:

  • Airlines
  • Bars and pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Event organisers
  • Conference and exhibition centres
  • Events venues
  • Hotel chains
  • Restaurants and fast-food outlets
  • Public sectors like Universities and Hospitals
Entry Requirements for Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism in the UK
International Baccalaureate requirements: 32 points
A-levels requirements: ABB
IELTS requirements: 6.0 overall, with no lower than 5.5 in any one component
*Please note that Entry Requirements vary for each university.
English Language Requirement: IELTS is not essential for some Universities in the UK, English language scores secured in the Higher Secondary (in your country) are accepted by select institutions. English Language classes, delivered by the British Council accredited Centre for English Language Learning, are available at specific Universities for both before and throughout the program for international students. Speak to us to find out more about English Language requirements, we can guide you to get admission to Universities where IELTS is not mandatory

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How Global Study Link can help you get placed for a Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism course at a UK University?

If you are interested in studying Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation and Tourism in the UK, contact our education consultants for a free consultation today. Global Study Link has an excellent record in helping international students get placed at some of the leading UK Universities offering courses in Hospitality and Tourism. Our UK course advisors will assist you with scholarship advice, English Language requirement, visa application and so on. Enquire Now and you could be on your way to pursuing your dream career in the UK!

Top UK Universities for Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism Course

These are some of the leading Universities offering Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism courses in the UK. However, at Global Study Link, we can help you get placed not just at the institutes but across a wide range of Universities in the UK. Contact our education advisors now if you wish to know more about a University not listed above.


These are some of the leading Universities offering Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism courses in the UK. However, at Global Study Link, we can help you get placed not just at the institutes but across a wide range of Universities in the UK. Contact our education advisors now if you wish to know more about a University not listed above.

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