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Food Science Courses in the UK

Food Science is always adapting to changing trends in an attempt to look for brand new ways to make food taste better whilst ensuring safety and improving cost of manufacturing. Are you passionate about key aspects of food? Studying Food Science in the UK could pave the path to a sea of career opportunities in this field…

Introduction To Studying Food Science in the UK

A Food Science course from a UK university will endow you with the knowledge and skills to apply biological and physical sciences to food making and preservation, product processing and evaluation, packaging and nutritional products development. A course in ‘Food Science’ covers a vast field of research and in depth studies  about the nature of food, the reasons for their quality drop and factors that help the enhance the quality of food products for basic consumption.

Food Science is the branch of science that exclusively covers the properties of food. A food science degree from a recognised UK University is an ideal choice if you are keen to learn the fundamentals of chemical as well as physical food properties at the time of production and storage phases. The UK is far and wide considered as a specialist in courses related to Food Science and several industry professionals are known to teach at renowned Universities in the country.

Why choose a course in Food Science?

There is a huge demand for competently and professionally-skilled graduates who have a keen interest in ensuring customers receive healthy and safe to consume food, keeping in mind the stringent local rules and regulations. A food science degree holder in the UK can gain analytical, methodological and problem-solving skills and the knack to research and assess data and related information. As a Food Scientist you will be majorly active in the areas of food storage, making and distribution of secure, safe and healthy food products and drinks. A food science degree has a vital role to play when it comes to the health, safety as well as wellbeing of individuals and organisations.

Food Science courses are mainly certified by the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST), the qualifying organisation for food experts and professionals based in the UK. The course is opted by graduate students from associated fields as well as industry experts in the food/drinks sector who are looking to further boost their skills and scale up the ladder to higher administrative roles in the food industry. Studying Food Science at a University in the UK will give you access to modern laboratories and brilliant teaching faculty.

What will you learn on a Food Science course in the UK ?

Undergraduate degree in Food Science equips you with skills and knowledge around food technology, food safety and food nutrition amongst a wide range of other study areas. Students studying in the UK get access to hands-on food laboratory sessions. Some of the most intriguing topics that you will be introduced to during the course include food technology, food materials and ingredients, bacterial physiology, immunology and nutrition regulation are covered. These areas of study will allow you to build your knowledge around Food Science.

Food science students at UK universities can additionally gain knowledge in basic sciences including organic chemistry, physics, maths, biochemistry and microbiology. Studying at a world class UK University helps you gain knowledge in other areas and learn valuable communication skills, time management, team-working skills, attention to minute details, arithmetic and numerical awareness, truthful record keeping as well as report writing and project management skills.

Apart from existing testing methods, the course covers standard operating procedures related to hygiene and product development procedures. As a food professional, one of your responsibilities is to ensure that food products are produced safely whilst following the highest quality tests. You may also be involved in the development of recipes of food and drink products and may also get your hands on current, old and newly-determined ingredients that can be used to experiment new concepts. There will be broad opportunities to gain actual experience in whatever area you choose and apply your understanding. Certain Universities even offer temporary work-based positions. Moreover, you can also pursue postgraduate courses based on the career route you aim to take including food safety or nutritional research.

Career options after studying Food Science in the UK

As a Food Science graduate you will be paving the way to some amazing career opportunities in this field. Some of the key sectors offering jobs to food science graduates are government departments involved in qualitative aspects of food making, technical service providers, food and drink manufacturers, food sellers and retailers.

There are ample job options including quality manager, food technologist, naturopath, food and nutritional therapist, toxicologist, quality assurance technicians, product development officer, regulatory affairs/government scientist and scientific lab technician to name a few. You can also aim for some alternate but exciting career as a scientific lab assistant, technical brewer or production manager. Some students opt to become a life sciences research scientist to meet requisite local and international legislation regarding food quality. Professionals with the food science degrees can also explore preservation areas as well as other fields spanning fresh produce/agriculture and animals.

Job Options

  • Food technologist
  • Naturopath Nutritional
  • Therapist Product/process development Scientist
  • Quality manager
  • Regulatory affairs officer

Other areas where a degree in Food Science from UK will benefit

  • Chef Production manager
  • Scientific laboratory technician
  • Purchasing manager
  • Food Research scientist
  • Toxicologist
  • Technical brewer
  • Dietician


Here are some examples of employers who would hire a Food Science professional

  • Laboratories
  • Breweries
  • Food Manufacturing Companies
  • NHS
  • Private Healthcare
  • Food Service industry
  • Retail
Entry Requirements for Creative Writing in the UK
International Baccalaureate requirements: 34 points
A-levels requirements: ABB
IELTS requirements: 6.5 overall, with no lower than 6.0 in any one component
*Please note that Entry Requirements vary for each university.
English Language Requirement: IELTS is not mandatory for certain Universities in the UK. English language scores secured in the Higher Secondary (in your country) are accepted by select institutions. English Language classes, delivered by the British Council accredited Centre for English Language Learning, are available at specific Universities for both before and throughout the program for international students. Speak to our advisors at Global Study Link to find out more about English Language requirements. We will assist you to get admission to Universities where IELTS scores are not essential .

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 How Global Study Link can help you get placed for a Food Science course at a UK University?

If you are keen to pursue a course in Food Science in the United Kingdom, contact one of education consultants now. Global Study Link has an excellent track record in helping international students get placed at some of the top UK Universities. Our student advisors will assist you with advice on scholarship, English Language requirement, visa application and so on. Contact us now and you will soon be on your way to study at a world class University in the UK!

Top UK Universities for Food Science program

We can get you placed not only at these listed Universities but also across a number of other leading Universities in the UK offering Food Science courses in the UK. Contact our education advisors now if you wish to know more about applying to a University not listed here.


We can get you placed not only at the Universities listed here, but also across a number of other leading Universities across the UK offering Food Science courses. Contact the Global Study Link education advisors now if you wish to know more about applying to a University not listed here.

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