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Electrical and Electronic Engineering Courses in the UK

Planning to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the UK? The demand for Electrical and Electronic engineers are on the rise more than ever before, as companies try to find the most sustainable, profitable and efficient way of moving from fossil fuels to ‘electric’. You are going to have a lot of exciting opportunities!

Introduction To Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the UK

Universities in the UK are at the forefront of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) courses that are the driving force behind several of our technologies, systems and infrastructure. The courses especially focus on electricity and electronics ranging from wide-scale power grid, electromagnetism to microscopic computer modules and concepts. Many leading Universities in the UK offer courses in Electrical and Electronic Engineering as well as its sub-disciplines such as power, electronics, networking, communication, microelectronics, instrumentation and computers.

Several EEE programmes in the UK come with a heap of advantages including practical sessions in world-class laboratories and internship opportunities. These Universities offer students practical experience to deal with real-world challenges. EEE knowledge can be gained with any course length ranging between three and five years including BEng EEE, MEng EEE as well as MEng EEE with Management.

Why choose a course in Electrical and Electronic Engineering?

Electrical and Electronic engineers can scale up to management positions more seamlessly as compared to other engineers. EEE graduates are known to be more capable and proficient in the field to tackle technical and procedural issues and they also have ample knowledge and experience in building systems and solutions. In a segment that is constantly developing, engineers are required to merge design creativity with logical, methodological and scientific analysis to create next-generation applications and solutions.

A degree in EEE at a renowned university in the UK will be the perfect career choice for you if Science and Math excite you. Professionals in this field receive competitive salary and growth opportunities. EEE professionals are free to select their working domain in several settings including company offices, labs and industrial facilities. As an Electrical and Electronics Engineers, you can work on varied projects like conceptualising a telecommunications system, designing and creating a piece of equipment, wiring buildings or running an electric power station.

What will you learn on an Electrical and Electronic Engineering course in the UK ?

There is an enormous scope for learning as expansions and developments are persistently taking place in the domain with several exciting challenges and options for development. We live in an era where technology plays a vital role in several aspects of life and therefore, skills explored with an EEE degree are in high demand. Assessment comprises assignments, laboratories, assessments, presentations and project reports. The projects are a part of your curriculum and it allows you to apply technical information learnt over the course of your programme and develop fresh and original concepts to existing challenges. Students who take-up this course will have job opportunities in across-the-board fields including computer and networking industry, telecom, energy, construction, and automotive industry to name a few.

The modules you will study as an EEE student include:

  • Electromagnetic fields
  • Analysis of circuits
  • System design
  • Analogue electrics
  • Motor control
  • Digital signal processing
  • Computer programming
  • Digital electronics

Career options after studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the UK

Several global electronics firms retain research and development facilities across the UK and Europe, offering a huge opportunity for professionals to explore and innovate in this field. An eagerness to travel can be imperative as engineers have a universal appeal and people located in any part of the world can be sent to other countries to manage critical projects globally. 

Electrical & Electronic Engineering job roles entail developing, testing, designing and overseeing the making of electrical gear, systems and modules. This can consist of electric motors and other automobiles, transmission and communications systems, navigation systems or electrical systems for airlines, spaceship and other areas.

Some areas may also incorporate the optical and gigabit wireless communication development and related projects. Several professional organisations like the famous Engineering Council also provide you with specialised roles. EEE also has better hiring prospects than other careers globally.

Jobs options

  • Aerospace engineer
  • Broadcast engineer
  • Acoustic consultant
  • Control and instrumentation engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Senior electronics engineer
  • Design engineer and specialist
  • IT engineer or consultant
  • Nuclear engineer
  • CAD technician
  • Networking engineer
  • Sound specialist
  • Special effects technician
  • Systems analyst

Other areas where your degree in EEE will be of huge benefit:

  • Multimedia programmer
  • Management consultant
  • Technical sales engineer


Your employers will typically be from these sectors:

  • petroleum engineering
  • telecommunications engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • broadcast engineering
  • network engineering
  • avionics engineering
  • energy engineering
Entry Requirements for Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the UK
International Baccalaureate requirements: 35 points
A-levels requirements: AAB
IELTS requirements: 7.0 overall, with no lower than 6.5 in any one component
*Please note that Entry Requirements vary for each university.
English Language Requirement: IELTS is not essential for some Universities in the UK, English language scores secured in the Higher Secondary (in your country) are accepted by select institutions. English Language classes, delivered by the British Council accredited Centre for English Language Learning, are available at specific Universities for both before and throughout the program for international students. Speak to us to find out more about English Language requirements, we can guide you to get admission to Universities where IELTS is not mandatory.

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How Global Study Link can help you get placed for a Electrical and Electronic Engineering course at a UK University?

If you are keen to pursue a course in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the United Kingdom, contact our education consultant now. Global Study Link has an excellent record in helping international students get placed at some of the leading UK Universities. Our UK course advisors will assist you with scholarship advice, English Language requirement, visa application and so on. If it’s been your long time goal to study in the UK, speak to one of our advisors right away for prompt and impartial advice.

Top UK Universities for Electrical and Electronic Engineering

These are some of the leading Universities offering Electrical and Electronic Engineering courses in the UK. However, at Global Study Link, we can help you get placed not just at the institutes but across a wide range of Universities in the UK. Contact our education advisors now if you wish to know more about a University not listed above.


These are some of the leading Universities offering Electrical and Electronic Engineering courses in the UK. However, at Global Study Link, we can help you get placed not just at the institutes but across a wide range of Universities in the UK. Contact our education advisors now if you wish to know more about a University not listed above.

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