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Business and Management Courses in the UK

Business Management Studies’ courses in the United Kingdom are designed to enrich students with the knowledge and skills required to assume key management positions in organisations. If you wish to understand  how organizations work and how they are managed then this is the course for you.

Introduction To Business and Management Studies in UK

A Business and Management degree from a UK University builds essential skills that are vital to plan, operate and make sound financial decisions in an organisation. Management studies in the UK enable students to learn all aspects of business like finance, marketing, human resources, and administration.

Different modules of the Business and Management Studies will help build a robust skill set required to deal with the challenges that are faced in the evolving corporate world. Modules will contain aspects of finance that will enable you to formulate effective financial decisions and you will gain in-depth knowledge about supply management that will ensure that the business is running smoothly. Graduates can avail opportunities in an assortment of diverse positions after the course completion. Jobs typically range from a variety of management roles to consultancy, HR, finance and commerce.

For a full-fledged experience, it is important to study the subject in a country which is one of the best business capitals worldwide. This allows students to experience the real business world outside the classroom, and therefore enhance their learning experience.

With an unbeatable reputation for academic brilliance, pooled with a rich cultural heritage and diversity, flourishing cities and stunning countryside, UK is the ideal destination to study Business and Management. UK is home to world-class experts of business studies, who are a part of some of the world’s largest organizations. There are abundant opportunities for graduates and you are guaranteed to benefit from exceptional teaching at schools which time and again rank in the top 100 internationally.

Why Choose ‘Business and Management Studies’?

It is true that business degrees are time and again seen as a widely popular preference amongst students globally. What accelerates this interest is the fact that business graduates get access to ample opportunity to build skills which are imperative to succeed in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Whether you opt for a general degree or wish to specialise in a particular field, there is an extensive range of career options at your disposal. Here are 3 good reasons to study business and management from a UK University:

  • Get ready for a global career – Developing a global outlook with robust business skills will make you valuable to organisations worldwide.
  • Huge employability – Get access into a sector where there are ample of opportunities for graduates, above average starting salaries and a versatile career progression in the future.
  • Build Skills that are easily transferable – The practical and academic understanding of business and management will train you for functioning in varied range of sectors, which include business, retail, sales, human resources as well as marketing.

What will you learn on a Business and Management Studies course in the UK ?

In the comprehensive curriculum you will build key business skills and gain experience which will help you excel in your management career. Companies as well as organizations need graduates who have proficient business knowledge and can present exceptional analytical, IT and problem solving skills, combined with a professional wisdom to deal with day to day challenges in an ever-changing corporate world.

In the first year you will learn about how organisations operate, different functions of an organisation, the structure, management, models and techniques that are utilized to accomplish positive results. You will be provided with a number of entrepreneurship and small-business related modules that will build a brilliant groundwork for you, in case you wish to set up your own business in the future. During the rest of the course you will be given the option to choose a specialization based on your interest. Usually the options range from Marketing, Innovation Business Management (direct route), HR, Finance, Project Management, and Supply Chain.

The course will equip you to function effectively in teams, and be able to express and communicate ideas with absolute confidence. Whilst pursuing a course in Business and Management Studies in the UK, you will be evaluated via tests, presentations, written assignments, and team activities. The excellent teaching faculty at UK Universities are known to provide students a thorough learning experience using case studies and also provide regular feedback based on their assignments.

Career options for Business and Management Studies students in UK

Pursuing Business and Management Studies from a UK University allows you to earn above the average starting salary. Employment opportunities include management consultancy, marketing, insurance and human resources amongst many others. Statistics show that students who pursued Business and Management Studies in the UK have been successfully placed with globally renowned companies worldwide.

Job Options

  • Business development manager
  • Chartered management accountant
  • Corporate investment banker
  • Data analyst
  • Management consultant
  • Project manager
  • Risk manager
  • Stockbroker
  • Supply chain manager
  • Arbitrator
  • Business adviser
  • Business analyst

Other areas where a degree in Business and Management Studies from UK will benefit you:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Construction manager
  • External auditor
  • Mortgage adviser
  • Retail manager
  • Sales executive
  • Human resources officer
  • Logistics and distribution manager
  • Marketing executive
Entry Requirements for Business and Management Studies in the UK
International Baccalaureate requirements: 35-38 points
A-levels requirements: AAA/AAB
IELTS requirements: 7.0 overall, with no lower than 6.5 in any one component
*Please note that Entry Requirements vary for each university.
English Language Requirement: IELTS is not essential for some Universities in the UK, English language scores secured in the Higher Secondary (in your country) are accepted by select institutions. Speak to us to find out more about English Language requirements, our career consultants can guide you to get a place at some of the leading Universities in the UK where IELTS is not mandatory.

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How Global Study Link can help you with your Business and Management Studies course application?

If you are keen to pursue a degree in Business and Management Studies in the United Kingdom, contact us now. We have successfully placed students across leading Business Schools in the UK. At Global Study Link, we excel in helping students with end to end education consulting service, right from course application to entry level requirement guidance as well as visa application. Our UK education consultants will not only guide you to choose the right course in the UK to suit your calibre, but we also help you apply for scholarships programs in the UK. Speak to us to find out more about English Language requirements, application process, scholarship programs in the UK and more. Our advisors have years of experience guiding students to pursue their ambitions in the business and management field..

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Here are some of the popular Universities in the UK offering programs in Business and Management Studies. At Global Study Link we can help you get placed not only at the below mentioned universities but also across many other globally recognised UK Universities that specialise in Business and Management Studies. Contact the GSL team if you would like to apply to any Universities listed below or at any other UK University of your choice.

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