Reason for studying in MALTA

Malta is a small country, hence the University of Malta is also small, but it is extremely popular among the students for it has reached an international standard to achieve higher education. Malta has been attracting the students for two reasons: The University of Malta and the low cost of living which makes Malta a good alternative to the US and the UK. Malta is popular for the English learning courses and hence is known as the Mecca for English-learners. The Malta government has been investing immensely in the education and training system. There are about 11,500 students who are constantly educated which include over 1,000 international students from 92 countries across the world. The University of Malta has partnerships with Universities from the Great Britain, The United States, and France, etc. A solid reason which makes Malta the students’ study destination is that the diploma from Malta is recognised in the European Union and over. The educational institutions in Malta are extremely democratic and follow logical learning experiences. The students are treated with respect and dignity and the education has become more relevant than before. Foreign students would not feel a difference and their diversity would be acknowledged rather being discriminated.

Documents needed for the student visa

Following is the document list needed for the student visa from India to MALTA:
• Evidence of proficiency in English language, e.g., TOEFL, IELTS, Etc.
• Authorised test, e.g., GRE, GMAT (as per the requirement of the programme)
• Attested copies of documents such as X, XII and Degree (if relevant), mark sheets along with Re-sits
• Two academic references
• Two employers’ references (if relevant)
• SOP (Statement of Purpose)
• CV/Resume
• Financial documents- e g: bank statements, bank letters, education loan letters etc.
• Two passport size photographs
• Portfolio – for Architecture, Art and Design Courses
• Application fees draft (if relevant)
• Extracurricular activities, achievements, and additional certificates
Note: Individual courses and individual universities in MALTA may have different requirements regarding the documents.

Admission process of MALTA

Students must register with GLOBAL STUDYLINK to find out the MALTA admission process and to get the finest quality advice about the Canadian study opportunities. Registration will be followed by carefully guiding the students through numerous important stages, which will enhance their chance of seeking admission in their preferred institutions. This is the way we, at GLOBAL STUDYLINK, perform our function on the admission process to MALTA.


You will be offered the finest quality advice by registering with the GLOBAL STUDYLINK.


Your academic qualifications, financial status, working experience, interests and aspirations as well as career goals are assessed by us.

Standardised Tests

We assess the necessity of any standardized test you might need to attend or we will review the results that have already acquired.

Selection of University and Course

The potential universities and courses that match with your profile will be shortlisted together.

Editing of the Document

Letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, essays and resume which have been written by you will be edited by us if needed.

Review of Application and Submission

Before submitting to your final choice of universities, the completed application form will be assessed by us.

Preparation for the Interview

We assist you to get ready (including mock sessions) for the interview that you might have with selected universities

Visa Counselling

We will make arrangement for you to prepare well for the interview (including mock sessions) that you might have with embassies and high commissions and additionally collaborate and assess the required documentation for the submission of visa application.

Information about Pre-departure

The exclusive information about the country of your choice will be delivered to you to make assured that you are well prepared for the life at an overseas university.
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